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10, 20 and 30 Years Ago


So You Want to be a Beer Expert?It’s fun to look back.

This section is devoted to Inside Beer’s trip down Memory Lane, highlighting the major events that were shaping the brewing world 10, 20 and 30 years ago.

10 Years Ago
July 2008

Action is taken to try to re-open the Coors Visitor Centre – formerly the Bass Museum – in Burton-upon-Trent, which closed last month, with local MP Janet Dean backing plans to put together a rescue package.

Black Sheep Brewery challenges the domination of garish global lager brands on pub bars by launching an illuminated handpump for its cask ales.

20 Years Ago
July 1998

Ken Hodgson, the new chief executive of Morrells Brewery moves swiftly to announce that both the still-profitable brewery and its pub estate are up for sale in a move that opponents describe as ‘asset stripping’.

Greene King acquires Beards of Sussex, a pub group with more than forty pubs. Beards, formerly a brewery itself, ceased production in 1959.

30 Years Ago
July 1988

The proposed new licensing hours for pubs in England and Wales are held up by legal bureaucracy. The extended hours are now expected to come into effect in September.

The eagerly-awaited report by the Monopolies & Mergers Commission into the Supply of Beer in the UK is delayed in order to allow the brewing industry to finalise its case. The report, due to be issued this month, may now not be released until February 1989.

Titanic Brewery in Staffordshire is back in production after the business is sold to its assistant brewer Keith Bott and his brother David.

Noting the popularity of wheat beers in Germany, Sunderland’s Vaux Brewery launches one of its own. Weizenbier (ABV 5%) is brewed to the strictures of the Reinheitsgebot and served in a small number of pubs through an ornate ceramic fount.

Jersey’s Ann Street Brewery acquires Guernsey Brewery, as part of a £16 million merger with Bucktrout & Co. Ltd.