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So You Want to Be a Beer Expert?

'compelling from the off … a great reference book in a lively style'
Original Gravity magazine

'This is a splendid contribution to the growing library of books about beers. It’s not just for new drinkers. Even the most seasoned beer drinker and writer will gain from Jeff’s book, which serves to stimulate the appreciation of and passion for the world’s favourite beverage.'

Roger Protz, Protz on Beer

There has never been a better time to drink beer. The variety of excellent ales and lagers in general circulation is greater than ever, but the choice can sometimes be a bit bamboozling.

So You Want to Be a Beer Expert?There seems to be so much knowledge needed today when it comes to selecting the right beer.

Well-informed bar staff can undoubtedly help you find your way around the busy bar counter, but there’s nothing like having confidence in your own ability.

That’s where this new, full-colour book by Inside Beer's Jeff Evans comes in.

A drinker’s guide to understanding beer, So You Want to be a Beer Expert? doesn’t just relate the facts but helps readers reach conclusions for themselves.

Interactive tastings encourage drinkers, through their own tastebuds, to discover what beer is all about.

The book covers all the basics of beer knowledge (and more) but then points readers in the right direction for a greater understanding – towards places to visit, experiments to try and in-depth sources of information.

Learn the science behind brewing and educate your eyes, nose and palate with a series of Taste offs! that will build your knowledge, allowing you to compare and understand the traditions and ingredients that go into making beer such a fascinating and varied drink.

Packed with advice, insight and tips, So You Want to be a Beer Expert? will enable anyone with an interest in beer to become a discerning beer connoisseur.

First edition (2015)

224-page paperback (CAMRA Books)


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