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So You Want to be a Beer Expert?

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1 Wherry and Headcracker are beers from which Norfolk brewery? Woodforde’s

2 Gose is a beer style native to which country? Germany

3 Which Russian city lends its name to Thornbridge’s imperial stout? Saint Petersburg

4 What is the name of the first English Trappist ale, produced by the Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire in 2018? Tynt Meadow

5 What two-word name is given to the series of beers produced by Fuller’s that recreates historic recipes from the company’s archives? Past Masters

6 Which mythical beast appears in the name of an IPA brewed by Downton Brewery? Chimera

7 Featuring in the name of a lager from one of the city’s breweries, who is the patron saint of Glasgow? St Mungo

8 Watou Tripel, Prior 8 and Abt 12 are beers from which Belgian producer of abbey ales? St Bernardus

9 Which beer from Black Sheep Brewery takes its name from a Yorkshire term for a sheep that has fallen onto its back and struggles to get to its feet? Riggwelter

10 Elevens Bar & Grill in Cardiff is a joint venture between local brewery Brains and which international footballer? Gareth Bale

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