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1 Ringwood, Jennings and Wychwood breweries all belong to which major brewing company? Marston’s

2 Which Sheffield brewery is known for its Champion Beer of Britain winner Pale Rider? Kelham Island

3 Which Belgian city is home of De Koninck amber ale? Antwerp

4 What was the emblem of both Boddingtons and Brakspear's breweries? A bee

5 Which major West Coast US brewery opened its second brewhouse, at Mills River, North Carolina, in 2014? Sierra Nevada

6 Opened in 1981, what was the first cask ale brewery in Northern Ireland for many years? Hilden

7 Which country is home to Mahou beer? Spain

8 Wadworth produces a well-known ale called 6X but which British brewery produces a beer called Sixex? Joseph Holt

9 Jever is a notably dry pils-type beer from which country? Germany

10 What is the English translation of the name of the Welsh brewery Mws Pws? Purple Moose

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