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1 Oliver's Island is a golden ale introduced as a regular part of its range in March 2015 by which major English brewery? Fuller’s

2 Marynka and Lublin are varieties of hop native to which European country? Poland

3 Which beer brand shares its name with the capital of Namibia? Windhoek

4 Gale's, Hardy's & Hanson's, Ridley's and Young's all ceased brewing in which year? 2006

5 Which country is home to Mahou beer? Spain

6 Which major Russian brewery identifies all its main range of beers by number, for example: No. 6 Porter? Baltika

7 Which Trappist brewery is credited with the creation of the first tripel, in 1934? Westmalle

8 Which Surrey brewery, established in 1992, now has its own hop garden? Hogs Back

9 Including the 2018 edition, how many editions of CAMRA's Good Beer Guide have now been published? 45

10 Triticum aestivum is the Latin name for which cereal often used in brewing? Wheat

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