Beer Events in Continental Europe

So You Want to be a Beer Expert?

May 2018
1–6 Munich, Germany: Frühlingsfest (continued from April)
1–13 Stuttgart, Germany: Stuttgart Spring Festival (continued from April)
4–6 Pforzheim, Germany: Pforzheimer Bierbörse
5–6 Bierghes, Belgium: Tilquin English Beer Festival
10–13 Borken, Germany: Borkener Bierbörse
10–13 Hamm, Germany: Hammer Bierbörse
10–26 Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Beer Festival
11–12 Copenhagen: Mikkeller Beer Celebration
18–21 Leipzig, Germany: Leipziger Bierbörse
19–20 Brussels, Belgium: Swafff! Brussels Craft Beer Fffestival
20–27 Budapest, Hungary: Budapest Beer Week
23–27 Riga, Latvia: Latviabeerfest
24–26 Warsaw, Poland: Warsaw Beer Festival
26–27 Buggenhout, Belgium: Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation
31 Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Beer Festival (continues into June)
31 Detmold, Germany: Detmolder Bierbörse (continues into June)

June 2018
1–2 Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Beer Festival (continues into June)
1–3 Detmold, Germany: Detmolder Bierbörse (continued from May)
1–3 Reggio Emilia, Italy: Arrogant Sour Festival
1–10 Paris, France: Paris Beer Week (continued from April)
8–10 Koblenz, Germany: Koblenzer Bierbörse
8–10 Wroclaw, Poland: Wroclaw Good Beer Festival
15–17 Cologne, Germany: Kölner Bierbörse
15–17 Magdeburg, Germany: Magdeburger Bierbörse
15–17 Middelkerke, Belgium: Beer Weekend
16–17 Cologne, Germany: Festival der Bierkulturen
21–24 Amsterdam, Netherlands: Carnivale Brettanomyces
22–24 Aachen, Germany: Aachener Bierbörse
24 Rosengarten, Germany: Bier aus dem Norden
29–30 Erkelenz, Germany: Erkelenzer Bierbörse (continued from June)
29–30 Hildesheim, Germany: Hildesheimer Bierbörse (continues into July)

July 2018
1 Erkelenz, Germany: Erkelenzer Bierbörse (continued from June)
1 Hildesheim, Germany: Hildesheimer Bierbörse (continued from June)
1 Oisterwijk, Netherlands: Biermatinee
6–8 Barcelona, Spain: La Fira del Poblenou
6–8 Viersen, Germany: Viersen-Dülkener Bierbörse (continued from June)
13–15 Mainz, Germany: Mainzer Bierbörse
20–22 Mönchengladbach, Germany: Mönchengladbacher Bierbörse
20–30 Forchheim, Germany: Annafest
27–29 Bonn, Germany: Bonner Bierbörse

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