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Beer Events in the UK and Ireland

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February 2018
1–3 Atherton: Bent & Bongs Beer Bash
1–3 Colne: Pendle Beer Festival
1–3 Highbury, London: North London Brew Fest
1–3 Stevenage: Stevenage Beer & Cider Festival
1–3 Tewkesbury: Tewkesbury Winter Ales Festival
2–3 Dorchester: Dorchester Beerex
2–3 Dover: White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales
6–7 Olympia, London: PUB18 (trade fair)
7–10 Colchester: Colchester Winter Ales Festival
8–10 Fleetwood: Fleetwood Beer Festival
9–10 Ilkley: Ilkley Beer Festival
9–10 Tonbridge: TJ's Beer Festival
14–17 Chelmsford: Chelmsford Winter Beer & Cider Festival
15–17 Luton: Luton Beer and Cider Festival
16–17 Alton: Alton Winter Beer Festival
16–17 Banchory: Banchory Beer Festival
16–17 Boston Spa (near Wetherby): Boston Spa Beer Festival
16–17 Gosport: Gosport Winterfest
16–18 Hucknall: Hucknall Beer Festival
17–18 Stoke Newington, London: Stoke Newington Beer Fest
20–24 Norwich: Great British Beer Festival Winter
21–24 Derby: Derby Winter Ale Festival
21–24 Liverpool: Liverpool Beer Festival
22–24 London: Craft Beer Rising
22–24 Stockton-on-Tees: Ale & Arty Beer Festival
23–24 Petersfield: Petersfield Beer & Cider Festival

March 2018
1–3 Loughborough: Loughborough Beer Festival
1–3 Wigan: Wigan Beer Festival
2–3 Chappel: Chappel Winter Beer Festival
2–3 Coventry: Coventry Beer Festival
2–3 Horsham: Spring Equinox Beer Festival
7–10 Leicester: Leicester Beer Festival
8–10 Darlington: Darlington Beer Festival
8–10 Dublin: Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair
10 Sheffield: Indie Beer Feast
12–18 London: London Beer Week
12–18 Sheffield: Sheffield Beer Week
14–15 Liverpool: Beer X
14–16 Camden, London: London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival
15–17 St Neots: Booze on the Ouse Beer Festival
16–17 Winchester: Winchester Real Ale & Cider Festival
16–17 Winslow: Winslow Beer Festival
22–24 Brighton: Sussex Beer Festival
22–24 Bristol: Bristol Beer Festival
22–24 Burton-upon-Trent: Burton Beer & Cider Festival
23–24 Blackpool: Blackpool Beer & Cider Festival
23–24 Staveley (Cumbria): Hawkshead Northern Craft
29–31 Leeds: Hop City
30–31 Bournemouth: Big Bournemouth Beer Festival (continues into April)
30–31 Emley: Emley Real Ale Festival (continues into April)
30–31 Larbert (Falkirk): Larbert Beer Festival
30–31 Margate: Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival
30–31 Wareham: Wareham Easter Beerex

April 2018
1 Bournemouth: Big Bournemouth Beer Festival (continued from March)
1 Emley: Emley Real Ale Festival (continued from March)
4–6 Gateshead: Gateshead Beer Festival
5 Witney: Witney Beer Festival
5–7 Havenstreet: Isle of Wight Steam Railway Real Ale Festival (continues into May)
6–7 Guisborough: Guisborough Charity Beer Festival
6–7 Leeds: North Leeds Charity Beer Festival
11–14 Maldon: Maldon Beer & Cider Festival
11–14 Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Newcastle Beer & Cider Festival
12–14 Douglas: Isle of Man Beer & Cider Festival
12–14 Farnham: Farnham Beer Festival
12–14 Hull: Real Ale & Cider Festival
12–14 Skipton: Skipton Beer Festival
13–14 Rothwell (near Leeds): Rothwell Beer Festival
13–14 Wickham (near Fareham): Wickham Charity Beer Festival
18–21 Bury St Edmunds: East Anglia Beer Festival
19–21 Newton Abbot: Maltings Beer Festival
20–21 Newbury: Newbury Racecourse Beer Festival
20–21 Surbiton: Hook Beer Fest
20–22 Warwick: CAMRA Members' Weekend & AGM
25–28 Paisley: Paisley Beer Festival
26–28 Stourbridge: Stourbridge Beer Festival
27–28 Chippenham: Chippenham Beer Festival
27–29 Aylsham: Aylsham Beer Festival
27–29 Brighton: Brighton Tap Takeover

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