Beer Events in the UK and Ireland

Beer Lover's Britain

November 2018
1–3 Carlisle: Carlisle Beer Festival
1–3 Redhill: Redhill Beer Festival
1–3 Wandsworth, London: Wandsworth Common Beer Festival (continued from October)
2–4 North Berwick: Nether Abbey Beer Festival
8–10 Belfast: Belfast Beer & Cider Festival
8–10 Oxford: Oxford Beer & Cider Festival
8–10 Watford: Watford Beer Festival
9–10 Bath: Bath CAMRA Winter Ales Festival
9–10 Woking: Woking Beer Festival
16–17 Saltburn: Saltburn Beer Festival
21–24 Parkeston: Harwich & Parkeston Winter Ale Festival
21–24 Rochford: Rochford Beer & Cider Festival
23–24 Otley: Otley Beer Festival
24 St Austell: Celtic Beer Festival
29–30 Dudley: Dudley Winter Ales Fayre (continues into December)

December 2018
1 Dudley: Dudley Winter Ales Fayre (continued from November)
1–2 Wisbech: Elgood's Brewery Open Weekend
4–8 Hackney, London: Pig's Ear Beer & Cider Festival (continued from November)
8 Haddenham (Bucks): Haddenham Winterfest

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